Fluid Paintings By Steve Benford

From electric guitars to fluid paintings. Steve Benford is a local artist who has been building and designing his own custom guitars in south east Wisconsin for many years. More recently  his creativity has expanded into the realm of original fine art.  These fluid paintings are created using acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  Each piece is approached with attention to a specific color palette and then the design and patterns follow through the movement of the canvas.  The canvas is continually moved in all directions needed to achieve a unique pattern and image.  Additionally, on many paintings Steve also applies heat from a blow torch to further enhance the interaction of the paint creating intricate details. This is the first time Steve’s paintings have been exhibited in a gallery. Along with many other artists work we have available for sale , original paintings are vastly more pleasing to the eye than reproductions and prints. We have several of Steve’s works on display for purchase right now at Landmarks Gallery. Reasonably priced between $300 and $1000. These versatile paintings are great conversation pieces and add dimension to any wall space, be it at home or your place of business. Stop in and take a look….you may find a piece just right for you. See and  hear some of the guitars by Steve Benford  .


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